Full Moon.

Project Details

Bring Me To Life Music Video:
(Student Work)

Bring Me To Life Music Video
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  • Who:
    Student project while studying film at Selkirk College. We got to choose any song we wanted to create a music video for and none of the team had seen the video for Evanescence’s song "Bring Me to Life," so we agreed to not watch it until we had finished our vision for their song.
  • What I Did:
    Braeden Black
    Wrote Script
    Storyboard Development
    Compositor – I made the pick–up truck drive between the two characters, & then the girl disappear. The truck & characters were shot separately.
  • Additional Credits:
    Frank Fowler – Wrote Script, Acted In, & Secondary Editor (working primarily on the multi–shot sequences).
    Gio – Wrote Script, Storyboard Development, Cinematographer/Cameraman, & had a cameo appearance.
    Levi Nichole – Wrote Script, Cameraman, & Primary Editor.
    Lisa Nixion – Wrote Script, & Acted In.
    Evanescence – The Song Bring Me to Life.
  • Software:
    Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects