Rope Swing

Project Details

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly Claymation:
(Student Work)

The Good The Bad & The Ugly Claymation
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  • Who:
    Student project while studying film at Selkirk College. We remade a scene from the Clint Eastwood movie The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly adding a little of our own flare.
  • What I Did:
    Braeden Black
    Storyboard Development
    Character Design
    Set Construction
    Secondary Animation
    Primary Lighting
    Primary Editor
  • Additional Credits:
    Ian Ferguson – Character Design, Character Construction, Set Construction, Primary Animation, Primary Lighting.
    Jen Greene – Character Design, Set Construction, Secondary Animation, Assistant Lighting, Primary Capture Artists, Assistant Editor.
    Cecilia Irvine – Storyboard Development, Character Design, Set Construction, Primary Animation, Assistant Lighting, Primary Capture artists, Assistant Editor.
    Jason Taylor – 3D Bullet Design & Composition
  • Software:
    Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop & Lighwave 3D